If you’ve been keeping up with spider silk advancements over the years, then you’ll be excited to hear that scientists have finally edited silk worm genes so that they can produce spider silk naturally. For years, scientists have scrambled to find a way to mass produce spider silk. Their experiments even include using goats to produce milk containing the material. Now, mass producing spider silk should be more efficient and cheaper, which will allow the material to be used in many new and exciting ways.
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“The Indian responded, “I am a spirit of nature, not humanity. You may find a way to utilize the dark one’s blind belief. It is possible to catch them off guard if you are true. As a matter of opinion you can entrap them. We will also attempt to find them out.” With that, the entire burial ground vanished.”_Spidersilk the novel


Things are getting exciting when it comes to spider silk. Recently, scientists made a medical breakthrough that can change the way the human body heals. Using spider silk, the body may be able to heal faster than normal. This can create faster relief for burns, major wounds and even post-surgery care. This development is certain to lead to cures for other ailments too. It is only a matter of time before spider silk is found in every hospital around the world.
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“Mark rapidly moved his mouse around the screen, occasionally utilizing the keyboard like fingers of light.”_Spidersilk the novel


Science just took a huge leap in the discovery of information on wormholes, which play a major role in Spidersilk the novel. Recently, scientists have figured out that two wormholes that collide together can create a gravitational echo which will allow them to eventually figure out the locations of said wormholes. The future of technology should fit in nicely when it comes to discovering more about these holes, which might even enable travel through wormholes in the future. Of course, there are many kinks to work out in this theory, so only time will tell where it takes us.
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“They seem to typically accuse their victims of this or that, such as not being ‘real’. It seems as though they think they are somehow justified. Other such raiding groups have played within the rules.”_Spidersilk the novel


Over the past couple of years, we’ve heard a lot of exciting news about spider silk in the medical and defense fields. Now, thanks to scientists, spider silk might actually be used to create green energy in the future. In fact, scientists are working on a special battery that can be used in pacemakers. This battery will power a pacemaker for much longer, which will save patients from the pain of having the battery replaced. This is exciting news for both the medial and energy fields. Perhaps, in the future, we will see batteries designed with spider silk, which will make them more biodegradable and efficient for users.
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“See the energies in this domain, this world. They don’t take kindly to your behavior. We can chase you through hyperspace whenever needed.”_Ramses in Spidersilk the novel


Technology is a major theme in Spidersilk the novel. The main character, Mark, even designs video games in the novel. In our own world, both video games and technology are improving quickly. So much so, that artificial intelligence (AI) is now being tested in many different ways. More recently, they tested out an AI’s videogame skills against a human only to be surprised that the AI was able to win. Now, they plan to put the AI against five different humans to see how it fairs. This is exciting, because it shows AIs can make logical decisions quickly without being programmed to do such things.
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“After returning to the brilliantly reflective large grid like building known as H.Q. John exited toward the main entrance. John was thinking, the smart parking spots were so nice while observing them automatically energy shield the car from the dirt and thieves.”_Spidersilk the novel


If you thought spider silk was a superhero substance before, then you’re going to be even more thrilled with it now. Recently, scientists have theorized that spider silk could be used to improve our immune system. Not only would it make a safer ingredient to vaccinations, but it could also help patients fight off tumors and cancer. Time will only tell how big of a part spider silk will play in the future of our health.
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“The pain intensified and streamed down his face. Reaching for his head with his hands, Mark connected to deep inside his head and being. Sweat began beading from his forehead wetting his clothing and gushing in what seemed like a small stream. Out of what appeared to be necessity for the moment, Mark pushed from within with a ferocity he had not shown for some time.”_Spidersilk the novel


Technology is always changing for us and as breakthroughs happen, it is amazing to see how the world shifts around them. In our own world and the worlds of Spidersilk the novel, technology plays a major role in our lives. Recently, MIT announced that it was working on a protype that could actually read your mind. This new device would allow you to control various elements of your life without making a peep. This could work wonders in many different fields, including the medical field where it would allow people to move artificial limbs with ease.
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“Dacian, a blind local resident, records the audio of his house, and the intruders were apparently silent, leaving almost no trace on the audio recordings.”_Spidersilk the novel


Technology plays a big role in the life of Mark from Spidersilk the novel. He is a game designer that really loves to utilize the best tech around. In our own world, technology is becoming increasingly important in our daily life and may even be a part of your every waking and sleeping hour. New technology is becoming even more surprising too. For instance, a new device to help those with disabilities is now being tested. This device uses simple cues to work a computer, play games and more without the use of a person’s hands. For those with disabilities, this is certain to become a game changer.
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“Mark not only likes designing his own universe “thread,” he also loves exploring connections with others. The only questions are what cannot be designed and what connection cannot be bridged.”_Spidersilk the novel


Disabilities play a major role in the life of some of the characters in Spidersilk the novel. However, unlike our own world, the characters have remarkable technology that allows them to function as if they are not disabled at all. In our own world, we are still pushing to create a normalcy for many people with disabilities. One major breakthrough recently might help restore the vision to many people that are blind. This can be a life and world changing breakthrough that you’re sure to be blown away by.
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“The worlds are like other dimensions to Mark—dimensions where the player can explore another “thread” of the multiverse that we all live in. It is a place where there are other creatures to meet, as well as other players, and three dimensions are only the beginning.”_Spidersilk the novel


In Spidersilk the novel, Mark is partially saved by the strong spider silk that his protectors weave. This silk can be found in our own world too and has caused a bit of a stir in the science community over the past few years. After a long period of waiting, consumers may finally be able to purchase an affordable item made of spider silk. That is, glue. Although some clothing lines are currently working with spider silk, this adhesive will be one of the first products that could become a household name.
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“She waltzed in; her shimmering black hair bounced yet seemed to stick together in near unison. Her bright-green leather jacket tightly gripped her upper body and matched quite nicely with her darker yet still-green skirt, which tightly bounced around her knees. She slipped off her black leather gloves then unzipped and removed her jacket leisurely, revealing a black with shimmering-green zigzag-pattern rayon top. The rayon top had a darkened brass zipper that was slightly unzipped, revealing her upper chest. Isis smiled almost seductively as she walked.”_Spidersilk the novel


Spidersilk fans will love this recent discovery about wormholes! Just last month, a scientist hypothesized that wormholes cast shadows that are actually visible by telescopes. Now, scientists can differentiate from a wormhole and a blackhole, which will make studying them a lot easier and efficient. However, this doesn’t mean we will be whizzing through space at new speeds, as many scientists still firmly hold that wormhole travel isn’t currently possible based on our technology. This is one step closer to your favorite sci-fi book though!
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“Suddenly, the raspy voice said, “You will not stop us. We are coming in as we please.” Mark jumped at the sound of the voice. “Now, now. We will deal with you. It is better for you if you stay on your side of the fence. Tell me where Tina is.” It laughed and hissed a bit.”_Spidersilk the novel


In Spidersilk the novel, the main character, Mark, works on incredible video games. Our own world is no stranger to the power of gaming and there are constantly new advancement that makes gaming more beneficial. A recent student has urged universities to pick up one particular type of gaming, virtual reality, in order to benefit students as they learn. This amazing form of gaming can help take users to new worlds while offering them to use their natural movements to control characters.
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“These intruders that we are dealing with may actually be migrating from somewhere. It makes sense that they are not locals. Possibly even somewhere far away. I could not find anything on Vular or Titu forest. With the exception to a fictitious reference to an old myth, there was not a whim. Perhaps places in a video game or book might have a reference to the myth?”_Spidersilk the novel


Spider silk, which plays a major role in Spidersilk the novel, is changing things up for us! In the past couple of years, we have seen this material transform from a complex manufacturing problem to a material that is about to be found in many things we use daily. One of the most recent developments is the materials ability to mend bones without as many complications as the items we currently use. This amazing development could lead to a more pleasant and faster healing period, which could change the health industry for the better.
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