“Off in the distance, glass began cracking and breaking from the noise, presumably the nearby houses. It barely affected Mark who was thinking, wrong move. Slamming the ground, large energy waves echoed toward the “ghosts.”_Spidersilk the novel


Qi plays a major role in the world of Spidersilk. In fact, the main character’s last name even hints at his strong abilities with Qi. In our world, Qi also plays an important role, even though many people do not consider it when working out or even decorating the home. However, you can improve your Qi by doing certain activities. Recently, a study posted that decorating in green can also help improve Qi, which helps to keep negative energy out of your body. This also plays into Feng Shui which is also seen in the book. Perhaps, the main character’s beautiful green yard helped to keep his Qi strong enough to ensure he fought off the intruders.
For more on this, check out this link:


“It was dark outside, and he could see only parts of the tree line. Mark turned to face the voice. “I-I’m Mark Khiop.” “Oh, I know you. The . . . the multithread guy. Mark smiled. “Really, you’ve been reading about me? What did it say?” Without warning, everything flashed bright-yellowish white again, and Mark was standing near the items he had set on the ground.”_Spidersilk the novel


Scientists have long wondered about wormholes. Although some scientists might not believe these wormholes can be studied, there are many scientists that use math and physics to theorize about their mysterious nature. One scientist believes that wormholes might be our connection to other universes, which would confirm that we are part of a multiverse. However, the main issue is finding something that could pass through the wormhole, as humans are too big. Perhaps, with renewed interest in wormholes, we will be able to learn more about them in the upcoming decade.
For more on this, check out this link:


“Mark found himself drifting through a town. The town was similar to Olympus, yet different. The environment was a bit unusual, and Mark quickly determined he had less control of it.”_Spidersilk the novel


Lucid dreaming plays a major role in Spidersilk the novel. The main character, Mark, travels frequently in his sleep and even has strong relationships with people from other dimensions. In our own world, lucid dreaming is being taken more seriously by scientists. Scientists were once skeptical of this form of dreaming but are now considering it as a wait to treat problems like PTSD. For more on this study, check out this link:


“After were finished reprogramming you you’ll never know the difference.”_Spidersilk the novel


For some time, scientists have been working with the concept of using spider silk to create new materials that are stronger, flexible and capable of transforming the world that we now. Since large quantities of silk were needed, the scientists used to work with larger spiders. However, now that the scientists have learned to recreate the silk for various uses, the experiments on the silk have expanded. It turns out that the silk of black widows, which tend to be smaller and far more dangerous, might be the best silk to use in the future and may even be the strongest silk on the planet.
For more on this discovery, check out this link: https://www.theblackfriday.com/biglots-blackfriday.shtml?page=1


“The television news shifted to breaking news. “Chris Vocal, CEO and owner of Applied Dynamics, was found deceased this morning. Chris apparently fell down the stairs, causing an internal head injury.” Mark smirked at the news while checking his tablet.”_Spidersilk the novel


In Spidersilk the novel, the main character Mark is skilled when it comes to being Zen. He is able to control his mind with ease, which makes him successful as he fights off intruders, dreams and functions in everyday life. For most people, concentration is hard enough to deal with, which makes meditation out of the question. Recently, a new device was released that helps you keep your mind focused. This development could help many reach the level of Zen that they’ve always dreamed of.
For more on this device, check out this video:


“The house had large golden concrete blocks that appeared to be three stories high even though it actually was only two. The large glass door was tinted, having a faded bronze handle, purposely looking very old even though it was fairly new. Mark reached for the obvious touchpad on the door and touched it, causing a barely audible custom ringtone to sound from the inside.” _Spidersilk the novel


If you’ve been keeping up with spider silk news, then you’re certain to be impressed with the latest development. Scientists have actually created a way to make spider silk into battle ship quality steel. Although the use of the material as a form of steel have been realized for some time now, this is the first time we have seen the product as battle quality steel, which is much different from that used on automobiles and more. This steel is created by mixing silk with a special bacteria, which the combination creates a powder that can make a wide assortment of substances like gel and fibers. This exciting development won’t just shape the defense department of the future but will also change construction and more in the civilian world.
For more on this development, check out this page:


“Sett insisted that this trip be a technology ‘detox’ event and convinced Geb to turn stuff in my house got moved around a bit. Then Geb insisted that I take more than simply weekend garb and started packing my things in the truck outside. After a brief scuffle with him, I notice something different about him. It was like he wasn’t himself or something.”_Spidersilk the novel


In Spidersilk the novel, the main character Mark’s friend Isis is taken by Sett and forced to give up her tech devices in order to do a tech detox. Although tech detoxes are common in our own world, some people go one step further and swear off tech altogether. Many people actually speculate that a wave of Neo-Luddism, the personal choice to not use technology, could be coming very soon. There are many signs that seem to point in this direct, according to the theory. Of course, most people are quite positive that tech is here to stay for generations to come.
For more on this theory, check out this link:


“Mark peered closely at one; he could sense the non-human thing that it was. Was it logical, smart, or primitive? They seemed actually very intelligent, with possibly a “munster” sort of intelligence, and it responded to him. Immediately, it sort of lay flat on the ground in a sort of non-threatening way. The others made a sort of circle around him, moving with his movements.”_Spidersilk the novel


Spider silk is helping to make history in one town in Massachusetts. The town of Lowell was known for textiles back in the 1700s, but due to changes in technology and economy the town lost its standing as a main textile producer. However, now the university has been granted a lot of money to explore spider silk in regard to creating new forms of silk and other fabrics. This grant could put the US on the map as far as using spider silk in production for clothing. It could also lead to a wider variety of clothing that would make the fashion industry more sustainable. Time will only tell how many fabrics this research will create, as well as how many other secrets it will uncover from studying the amazing spider silk DNA.
For more on this research announcement, check out this link:


“Geb reached for Isis’ arm and clutched it with a tenacious grip. “I am serious. Some of those guys may be more powerful and ferocious then you expect.” Isis swiftly turned looking into his earnest and concerned dark brown eyes. She noticed a slight tear mixing with the oils at the corner of his eye.”_Spidersilk the novel


If you love following news about black holes, then you’ll be excited by NASAs latest discovery. Apparently, in some tiny galaxies there are many mini black holes which we are closer to viewing thanks to NICER technology. These tiny black holes might actually help scientist understand how the larger black holes in the universe formed early on. This information might be crucial in the future as we are now witnessing some black holes outgrowing their galaxies (https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/chandra/news/supermassive-black-holes-are-outgrowing-their-galaxies.html) , which could pose problems in the distant future.
For more on this discovery, check out this link:


“Josh looked at Mark. “It is in excellent condition, and looks even better than the day I let you hold it.” Mark smiled while confidently standing in a slightly relaxed manner. “I had it touched up. Well, it was in the middle of my main foyer.” Josh laughed as he exited immediately behind the movers.”_Spidersilk the novel


Spider silk is making the news again this week. Scientists have now figured out how to make this amazing material out of bacteria. Not only is the silk as strong as steel, but it is also more tensile than ever before. With so many new ways of mass producing the silk, you can be assured that spider silk will be the “it” material of the future. For fans of Spidersilk the novel, this is especially exciting. Soon, we may be able to wear clothing that is as durable and protective as the spider silk used to protect the main character Mark.
For more on the awesome bacteria, check out this link:


“Suddenly, from a dark corner a raspy voice said, “Welcome to your new home Tina, or shall we call you Jara?” Carefully, Tina made for the door and slowly opened it. “Jara, honey breakfast is ready.” Announced an elder female voice, possibly her mother? Tina thought to herself again, Where the heck am I?”_Spidersilk the novel


In Spidersilk the novel, the audience gets to see some amazing technology designed to make those with disabilities lead a normal and fulfilling life. Some of the technology allows them to function as if they don’t even have a disability. Although we are far from this is our own world, there have been great improvements over the last few years. More recently, Australia held a convention that addressed technology and those that are disabled. Scientists and engineers plan to work on tech that everyone can use without special features that cater to disabilities. This could truly change the world, which makes it a bit more exciting to look to the future.
For more information on this convention, check out this website:


“Suddenly, Mark grasped who the person was that may be having an issue. It was Isis, the girl he had met at the party. She might be here somewhere, according to his senses. Mark knelt down and placed his hand out toward the ground. A large spider emerged from under his shirt sleeve. Mark instructed it, ‘Go and locate Isis.”_Spidersilk the novel


If you’ve been keeping up with spider silk advancements over the years, then you’ll be excited to hear that scientists have finally edited silk worm genes so that they can produce spider silk naturally. For years, scientists have scrambled to find a way to mass produce spider silk. Their experiments even include using goats to produce milk containing the material. Now, mass producing spider silk should be more efficient and cheaper, which will allow the material to be used in many new and exciting ways.
For more information on this development check out this link:


“The Indian responded, “I am a spirit of nature, not humanity. You may find a way to utilize the dark one’s blind belief. It is possible to catch them off guard if you are true. As a matter of opinion you can entrap them. We will also attempt to find them out.” With that, the entire burial ground vanished.”_Spidersilk the novel


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