Spidersilk the book
[November 26, 2015]
Update : New edition published. Spidersilk eXtended Edition.

Welcome to the official website for Spidersilk the novel.
Author Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea. Published by Trafford.
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Hyperleap to alternate realms with mystery, dreams and battle.
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     WELCOME TO OLYMPUS. Mark Khiop has only just moved in and plans on connecting with friends, starting with a house party. Mark is a contractor who develops video game worlds. The worlds are like other dimensions to Mark—dimensions where the player can explore another “thread” of the multiverse that we all live in. It is a place where there are other creatures to meet, as well as other players, and three dimensions are only the beginning. Not everyone is friendly, however, as Mark is soon to find out. Mark also delves into a very active dreamscape that he can interact with, much like the video games he designs. Mark not only likes designing his own universe “thread,” he also loves exploring connections with others. The only questions are what cannot be designed and what connection cannot be bridged.

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