Mark Khiop is a highly successful, creative contractor who develops video game worlds down to the last detail. Sometimes his imagination even pours into his night life, where he experiences extremely realistic lucid dreams that feature repeat characters. Word of Mark's skill travels fast, and he is soon offered a new contract with Applied Dynamics.

Meanwhile, thieves are running amok amidst Mark's friends. Crimes begin simply enough: some items go missing, while other homes are ransacked. However, the thieves soon escalate as people become their targets. Who would want to steal from Mark's friends? Who would want to kidnap them? Mark is left to ponder as he settles into his new contract.

However, something is wrong with Applied Dynamics, in particular, Mark's boss, Dek Plator. Mark begins to suspect that somehow Dek is involved with the missing people. Genius that he is, Mark knows he can unravel Dek's game. Solid objects will not keep anyone safe in this conflict, and if he's not careful, Mark could end up among the brilliant missing.
Silk Weaver (story extras!)  Book reviews

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