Mark Khiop, in Spidersilk the novel, uses hyperspace to travel with ease. Although hyperspace travel is just a glimmer in the eyes of scientists, there has been research that suggests that it may one day be possible for us. However, scientists are struggling with some concepts, like how to find a black hole going to a specific area. Despite some problems, they have figured out that placing a dense object in front of a space shuttle may be the way to travel without fear of the hole closing in on you. This news alone is exciting and could show that sci-fi writers have had more insight into hyperspace travel due to the designs of many space ships in films like Star Wars. You never know, in our lifetime we could be moving towards traveling just like Mark did in the novel.
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“It was similar to the setting in one of his video game scenes. ‘Hello’ a female voice said with a very inquisitive tone. ’Who is there?’ It was dark outside, and he could see only parts of the tree line. Mark turned to face the voice. ‘I-I’m Mark Khiop.’’Oh, I know you. The…the multithread guy. I have been reading about you. With the spiders?”_Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character, Mark, is protected by spiders from another dimension. These spiders are as big as a gaming console and produce strong spider silk. In our world, spiders vary in size and shape, but they all produce strong spider silk. Thanks to pop culture, many people are curious as to what would happen if a spider who has been exposed to radiation would do to a human being. The concept of Spiderman in the comics instantly comes to mind, but in our reality its more than likely that the spider’s radiation will do absolutely nothing to you if you’re bitten. However; if you do come across a spider that has been affected by radiation, the presence alone might be enough to cause harm.

“’Wow! What a story. Did you ever fear the worst?’ Isis smiled as she responded. ‘Not really, it did not seem like my life was threatened at the time, although I suppose Sett could have walked in with a gun at any time, especially since we were making such intense announcements’”_Spidersilk the novel

For some time, scientist have argued about the potential of a multi-verse. There’s lots of arguments for the pro and con multiverse theories, which are pretty fascinating. However, as time passes, scientists seem to be pointing more and more in the direction of a multiverse based on facts we already have, like gravity. In Spidersilk the novel, the multiverse is already common knowledge for the main character Mark. Perhaps, as scientists discover more about the multiverse, we may be living in a reality similar to Mark’s.
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Mark stood up and made for the door. All the spiders looked at him and, in a limited sense, followed him around the room, yet they stayed in the room as he exited. Of course, he always knew they were there and was not really surprised.”_Spidersilk the novel


In Spidersilk the novel, the main character, Mark, travels through hyperspace which is a compelling aspect of the plot. In our own world, hyperspace travel seems like a long shot, because we're just not tech savvy enough to be there yet. However, recently, there was a report of a mummy wearing what appears to be adidas shoes. Is this a coincidence, or has time travel actually been proven to be real? Whether or not it's true, it's still a fun concept to toy around with, along with the countless other time traveling coincidences.
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“Apparently, there was some sort of thieving ring that has been rounded up. Fortunately for me, they arrested them before they had liquidated my things. Much more fortunate was my insurance company!”_Spidersilk the novel

When it comes to the durability of spider silk, which plays a large role in Spidersilk the novel, there’s not a whole lot that is surprising as the world seems to be running with the substance now. More recently, architects spoke of how this amazing material could be used in future designs. Between the durability and flexibility of the substance, there’s no doubt it will become a huge component in our future existence.
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“He could not help but notice the empty location, like a void, where the three dimensional art previously resided. The echo of its previous existence provided a reminder and made the room look incomplete."_Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, the deaf intruders have many devices to help them function normally. Although, disabilities are common in our own world, we’re still working on creating devices that could help the seeing and hearing impaired lead lives with less struggle. Luckily, recent news shows a new development in the videogame world where developers plan on creating audio videogames just for the blind.
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“Mark reached into his pocket and pulled out an eagle’s feather, a symbol of an eye, and a small brightly illuminated sphere, representing various things. He placed them on the ground on top of one another. Suddenly, everything flashed bright-yellowish white then began to come into focus. In was similar to the setting in one of his video game scenes.”_Spidersilk the novel

Mark, the main character in Spidersilk the novel has the ability to travel through hyperspace without a problem. This has been seen in numerous movies and read in an abundance of novels for decades now. However, in our own reality, traveling via hyperspace isn’t really something we’re close to figuring. In fact, haven’t even traveled at the speed of light yet, nor have we managed to conquer gravitational pull. This fun news broadcast introduces two professors who have looked at the concept of hyperspace travel based on movies like Star Wars. Check out what they have to say here.


“Plan wisely, but don’t leave out the thrill of connecting.”_Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea in the Spidersilk the novel Afterword

Spider silk has been studied for some time for benefits to the medical and defense fields. Scientists have made great strides here and this amazing substance will soon be marketed to everyday people. Recently, however, scientists began to concentrate on the way the material stretches, thus learning that it can be stretched 500 times its own length. This marvelous discovery has helped scientists understand a lot about the inside of molecules too. Thus, this amazing substance is paving the way in the medical field now! There’s no telling what they’ll discover next.
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“The echoes of doctors and patients reverberated through the gleaming white hallway. Suddenly, Mark realized he could not control himself as much as in other dreams, and he involuntarily drifted into a hospital room. “_Spidersilk the novel

Over the last couple of weeks, the concept of gravitational waves has been everywhere. This major discovery has left people thrilled to figure out what will be discovered next and how this theory may confirm that we are living in a multiverse. This week, I came across another interesting idea that spurned from the discovery of gravitational waves. Does this discovery hint more towards the fact that our universe is alive or dead? It’s an interesting concept and this article really goes in-depth if you’re interested in finding out more!


“After a late night with Isis at the cyberpad, Mark returned home and located his large comfortable bed. Quickly shifting to another state of mind, he found himself in the field of the usual dusty road.”_Spider silk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, dimensions play a huge role in the plot. The main character, Mark, often uses dimensions to travel, which certainly brings curiosity about dimensions in reality. In the eye of many people, science believes there are four or five dimensions. However, recent studies of black holes have led to concerns that there may actually be 11 or more dimensions. Only time will tell how far this theory goes, but it’s exciting all the same.
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There is nothing quite like a nice morning of brotherly razzing, she thought mildly laughing to herself. The purr of her satisfying car came to a halt as she swiftly made for the townhouse.”_Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, crows played a role in many aspects of the novel, particularly when Mark, the main character, had contact with a Native American who helped guide him. In Native American culture, there are many tales of crows that range from how the crow got its color to spiritual tales of enlightenment. In the novel, crows seem to open up a connection with the Native American, which plays into one particular story. That is, that crows were often spiritual pathfinders. There’s a lot of inspiring information on crows available. If you’d like to know more check out this website!


“What we need to do is make a silent zone such as our bedrooms, then make sure that we make no noise at all when there. If we need to talk, we can sign it. When we talk via phone, we text it rather than speak so they will not know what we are saying.”_Mark in Spidersilk the novel

Not too long ago there were rumors on the horizon of gravitational waves. This week, scientists confirmed that gravitational waves were actually a reality, which is pretty exciting. This discovery could lead us to many more exciting elements, perhaps even concrete evidence of multi-dimensions.
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“Look! Look all around you!” Ramses roared at Draul. Draul apparently could now see a large quantity of various energies in the room. Ramses was extremely knowledgeable of the state of matter known as energy.”_Spidersilk the novel.

In Spidersilk the novel, the character Ramses plays a firm role in the plot of the story. Of course, his strength can also be seen in the Egyptian pharaoh, Ramses II. This iconic pharaoh was known for taking care of business, particularly when it came to wars. You can see Ramses, in Spidersilk, take an active role in fighting off the intruders from the very beginning of the novel. Apart from his strong leadership, he was also known for his beautiful buildings, which is yet another similarity that the pharaoh shares with the character of the novel.
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