“Mark opened his hand, and in his palm, a large luminous question mark appeared. It [The Creature] turned with beady little yellow eyes, looking his way and slowly circling him. Suddenly, it dashed his way.”_Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, the intruders are blind. However, they do have heightened senses in other degrees. For instance, in the novel, when Dacian approaches Chris while he’s working in his office he knows he’s there because his senses begin to tingle. This is actually a common occurrence in our own world when people lose a sense. Even in pop culture we can see some superheroes with heightened senses due to a loss of another! Take for instance, Daredevil who is also blind. Want to know more? Check out this link: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/05/120508152002.htm

“Very shortly, his physical face changed slightly and his third eye exposed its self. The black mist rescinded nearly instantaneously. Utilizing his ‘eye’ he could see all sorts of dark mists around him.”_Spidrsilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, Mark is visited by ghosts who try to invade his and his friend’s lives. These ghosts were from another dimension, but like the many theories revolving around ghosts, they probably needed energy to feed on in order to communicate. This energy could have been channeled via Mark’s aura as we know Mark had a strong energy around him throughout the book. This handy link shows a lot of interesting details about ghosts!


It's as if the outside is now reflecting my style here on the inside. Awesome. - Mark from the novel Spidersilk  

No! Really? Th-th-this is the road? The road appeared nearly identical to the one he frequently visited in his dreams....For some reason Mark had thought [ it was ]... not an actual road he could locate.  

“Visible microwaves quickly reach Draul, who immediately begins screaming from some unknown effect. Blood again begins to trickle out his nose to the cement while he reels.”- Spidersilk the novel  

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character, Mark, uses his Qi to help him with his struggles. You may have noticed that the energy changed when Mark was around. For instance, when he moved into his new place, the yard slowly began to change to suit his preferences. Qi is defined as natural energy, so this makes absolute sense! Today, many still practice Qi and it is presented in everything from TV shows to ways of life! For more on Qi, check out this link!

"I focused and charged [at] the window, slamming against it with unusual strength. It actually cracked...Even bullets could not crack that particular window." - Isis from Spidersilk the novel  

"...your dominion always seems so colossal even when it is small." - Mark talking to Ramses in Spidersilk the book  

“I have not heard a spiritual voice since old gramps went crazy listening to them, Mark thought. That was not good, yet Mark was skeptical of them.”- Spidersilk the novel  

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character, Mark, meets some of his friends while in a dream state. However, when he changes dimensions he finally gets to meet some of the people he dreamed about without having to first fall asleep. In our own reality many scientist believe dreams could be a link to another dimension. Here’s a fun look at dreams and their many components. http://www.actualism.org/Articles/part7.html  

In Spidersilk the novel, Mark is constantly reloading on espresso. This is a pretty common practice in this dimension too, but how much do you really know about coffee? This website is a great source for cool coffee info! http://imgur.com/a/f9Hki  

In the novel Spidersilk, spiders use their spidersilk to help protect Mark. This substance isn’t just in Mark’s dimension though! In fact, its most popular debut in pop culture is via Spiderman who uses the webs to scale buildings and protect the innocent. In today’s world spidersilk is being talked about more and more. There’s even talk of using it for vaccinations to help avoid the need for refrigeration in areas where the luxury may not be available!
Check out more here: http://cen.acs.org/articles/92/i9/Spider-Silk-Poised-Commercial-Entry.html

“A drop of blood landed on the cement basement floor. Draul’s head hung loose as he attempted to gain all the strength he could. His hands bound behind him, his feet were strapped to the chair”._Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character Mark enjoys developing video games. To him, they are another thread to the multi-verse. Although today our video games aren’t quite as real as the video games in Mark’s dimensions, we are quickly producing new ways to make players feel like they’re actually in a different world. For instance, some teams have invented special equipment so a player actually feels when they are injured, whilst other teams are working to strengthen virtual reality techniques.
For more information on some of these elements, check out this link:


“An old shoe was resting a few inches away from where he had walked. The old shoe suddenly gave him a strong feeling of déjà vu, as if it was somehow an old friend.”_Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, the story takes place in many different dimensions. There’s a lot of theories based on dimensions in our own dimension, which makes the story even more fascinating. In our world, we seem to stick to our layer of the dimension, but in Spidersilk Mark not only dominates on his own dimension but battles foes from another dimension and still travels via hyperspace through other dimensions, including the dimension in which he dreams.
For more information on multi-dimensions, check out this list:


“Is that you Tina?” Mark finally queries. “Who else would send you a video while bungee jumping?”_Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, Mark has many dreams of the beautiful Tia. When he meets a woman named Mairis he begins to slowly notice many similarities. By the end of the book, Mark is surprised by how much Mairis favors his dream woman, Tia. It is almost as if Tia made a journey through hyperspace to be with Mark in his current dimension.   

“It is a place where there are other creatures to meet, as well as other players, and three dimensions are only the beginning.”_Spidersilk the novel

Being connected to other dimensions/worlds is a big part of the Spidersilk novel. Recently, on Mars one of our rovers has uncovered an item that looks quite a bit like a coffin on this planet. This could be proof that Mars was once inhabited, or was visited by intelligent life. Some sources even claim that the coffin has an ankh clearly sculpted onto it! The fact that such similarities have been found could show we are all actually connected more than we know!
For more on this out-of-this-world discovery, check out this amazing link!


“Darn, if those—damn— technology investors didn’t take so many credits. I mean—the company is doing well right now. It’ll take time to attain the extra funds.”_Chris in Spidersilk the novel

In Chapter 2 of Spidersilk the novel, the reader is briefly introduced to Ekaa, Chris’ wife. During the brief encounter we only learn that she wants her son to be able to attend school so he doesn’t get behind in life. Soon after, Chris ends up in Mark’s world. Although Ekaa doesn’t play a large role, it still shines light on the story. The name Ekaa is actually connected to the Goddess Durga who is believed to be behind the power of creation, sustainability and destruction in the Hindi religion. This makes the name perfect for a mother looking to provide her child with everything needed to succeed. However, does this mean that Ekaa could have played a part in the battle? What do you think? For more on the Goddess Durga, check out this link:


“Mark! We are rocking out to your dubstep, we’ve already created a temporary dance area twice. How goes the flow?”_Tina in Spidersilk the novel

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