Fun Fact: Spidersilk is five times stronger than silk and is very dense because it doesn’t have a lot of proteins.

“Tina? To what end is the sky falling?” - Mark from Spidersilk the novel  

The main character from Spidersilk the novel, is actually protected by spiders and their spider silks, which he sees by accessing his third eye. Spider silk is known to be one of the strongest substances around, but scientist recently figured out how to create spiders that spin a super silk. In Fact, this spider silk is 3.5 times stronger than that which occurs nartually. For more on this silk, check out this page:

"The one that seeks you is a dark one..." - Elder of Beyond in Spidersilk the novel  

“Isis sighed and relaxed as she ended the story. “I am so glad to be back to designing and assembling my domain in this world!” - Spiderilk the novel  

"Why are you abducting our friends? You people don’t like to play within the rules, eh?" - Ramses from Spidersilk  

Within moments scarab beetles by the thousands began swarming from all directions towards the prisoner who immediately began screaming. Ramses smirked a snarl then said, “And they haven’t even touched you yet!” - Spidersilk the novel  

“Let’s give our friend a taste, shall we? I’ll show you something ‘real’... " - Ramses from Spidersilk the novel  

In Spidersilk the novel, some intruders begin to kidnap people and take away their technology so they can detox from it. This notion isn’t just from another dimension though. In fact, people in the here and now often fight against technology. These people, referred to as Luddites (among other anti-tech groups), may begin to become more anti-tech as the times change. Imagine, a world where religion and natural resources aren’t the cause of terrorism, but rather the latest piece of developing tech. Scary?
Here’s a great article on what they future could bring:


“How’s my friend from across space-time? Did you search the news for activity with blind people? I am thinking of repeating patterns that link to our..uh..interesting intruders.”- Mark from Spidersilk the novel  

If you’re wowed by the power of spider silk, then you’ll be surprised that a group of scientists put their heads together to make this (already) durable material even stronger. Just imagine Spiderman’s web-slinging abilities, but on steroids. The scientists initially tested spiders by spraying one test group with a mixture of and graphene and the other with a mixture of water and carbon nanotubes. The spiders spritzed with the carbon nanotubes actually managed to weave the carbon into their silk, making it 3.5 times stronger than ever before. To learn more about this awesome experiment, check out this link:  

"I tend to be very surprised when people don't stay with me after knowing who and what I really am. Which is why I usually keep to myself." - Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea  

“Rae could always use profitable friends in his investments, you should come over and visit sometime.” - Kara from Spidersilk the novel  

"You seem rather astute in technology, something Rae is very fond of as well." - Kara from Spidersilk the novel  

“The smell of the forest was well known to forest ranger Anthony Rossi. The air breezed swiftly by his nostrils fresh and crisp. Reaching with his right hand he single handedly grasped the Meconi’s sub sandwich he was enjoying. The sky and atmosphere was warm and sunny which most of the wild life seemed to notice as well.”_Spidersilk the novel

This week, I ran across an article talking about a theory insisting that life, as we know it, is all a big hoax. For the scientists involved in this theory, there’s a chance that we’re actually living in a simulation. In Spidersilk the novel, the author introduces us to different dimensions. Like this theory, could one dimension be purely created by another dimension? Just one of those things that keeps you up wondering at night, right?
For more on this theory (and a few clips from the Matrix), check out this link:


“Rae could always use profitable friends in his investments, you should come over and visit sometime.” - Kara from Spidersilk the novel  

“Sort of like the environment in this house and the landscape of its yard. The Qi is smooth. Flow-masters like you always seem to design nice environmental scenes and landscapes.” - Rae from Spidersilk the novel  

"Mark! Spectacular party, there seems to be much space if I crawl along the ceiling!" - Ramses from Spidersilk the novel  

“Later, Mark finally made his way to his bed, like diving into a very comfortable pool. Shifting into the usual dream state, Mark found himself with his arms holding Tia’s nude skin close.”- Spidersilk the novel  

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character, Mark, hosts a party called the Faces of Reality Party. Ironically (or maybe not), this is also the night in which Mark is contacted by intruders from another dimension. I’m sure many people with less knowledge than Mark may have shrugged off the voices as mere illusion. This poses the question of what reality truly means? Both Mark and the voice were a reality, but many have proposed that as humans we live mostly experiencing illusions. What are your thoughts on reality vs illusion, before and after you read the novel? For an interesting piece on reality, check out this link:

"Careful on getting close to it; wild animals within may decide to explore your world." - Mark from Spidersilk the novel  

"After a brief scuffle with him [her brother, Geb], I noticed something different about him. It was like he wasn't himself or something." - Isis from Spidersilk the novel  

A large black figure rose out of the liquid; even the eyes were black....Leaping toward the figure, Mark focused his eyes that emanated hot forceful waves. The black figure responded in kind after withstanding several blows..... - Spidersilk the novel  

“A small breeze delivered a wisp of dust and grass in the otherwise clean smelling air. It was almost as if something was responding to his discovery. Mark carefully examined his slightly shaking hand and realized he was unsure of what might be here that he cannot see while in a waking state.”_Spidersilk the novel

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