In Spidersilk the novel, the characters travel between dimensions into similar worlds. Although scientist in our own world are barely scratching the surface when it comes to dimensions and alternative universe, they have recently discovered a planet incredibly similar to our own from a distance. Could this planet share some of the same aspect of our own? For more on this awesome discovery, check out this article:


“The hyena was not growling, it stood under a drooping bush like tree with yellow flowers. Like a cloud, a large quantity of golden moths resided in the tree, and a few of them flew away.”_Spidersilk the novel

Recently, it was announced that a new component that will replace skin grafting was finalized. This procedure will ensure the injured get the skin they need without having to use their actual skin. So, how are they accomplishing this feat? Spider silk, of course! The process was recently approved by the FDA and will soon be used across the world to make injuries less permanent.
For more on this technique, check out this link:


“Your auspicious event flows like a roaring flame yet runs like a well oiled machine!”_Rae Osira in Spidersilk the novel

"You're awwe-some sizzles, thx." - Garrick in Spidersilk the book  

In Spidersilk the novel, most of the characters have a connection to something from our own world, or from legends that many grew up hearing. Kara, for instance, plays a rather small part in the book. However, while browsing around I was able to dig up some information about a Norse legend. According to myth, there was Valkyrie named Kara who was known as the stormy one. This could explain Kara’s sassy attitude. Another interesting tid bit about this Valkyrie, is she was often seen in the form of the crow. Although in the novel, Kara has no connection with the Valkyrie legends, the shared name is rather interesting.
For more on Kara, the Valyrie, check out this link:


Intently observing the road ahead, Mark suddenly had a sense of déjà vu.....There was something eerily familiar about it. - Spidersilk the novel  

“Mark waltzed into the kitchen-and-den area, which was also loaded with people. It was very slow moving since he had to greet nearly every person as he moved through the party.”_Spidersilk the novel

...there was a placid sense in the air, and it seemed as though Mark could sense every detail of his surroundings.  

"...this is the road? The road appeared nearly identical to the one he frequently visited in his dreams." - Mark from Spidersilk the novel  

In Spidersilk the novel, Mark, the main character, meets up with his friend Rae Osira. Eventually, Rae is kidnapped by the intruders. The name Osira is connected to another incredible story though. In the world of DC comics, Osira was actually from another planet, much like the intruders Mark battles. She also attempted to control the world in order to bring peace. This can also relate to the intruders need to get rid of technology for the greater good. Although the character Rae may not actually be inspired by Osira, it is still an interesting out of the box connection.
For more on Osira, check out this link:

“We’re going to make the Qi of this place pulsate!” Tina zapped while actively moving about and gripping Ramses.”_Spidersilk the novel

In the novel Spidersilk, Mark hosts a large and in charge party to celebrate his new house. After getting the party started he slips away to the bathroom and ends up pulling out and cleaning a gun filled with tear gas bullets. These guns are also in our world and are popular in nations that don’t allow the use of guns with actual bullets. If you’d like to know more about the Izh-79 weapon, or something at least similar to it, Mark had concealed to keep the party under control, this link is pretty helpful.

"Don't let this place get to you..." [to which] Tink laughed it off. - Mark from Spidersilk the novel.  

“Shifting states, his thoughts faded into the dream plane where Mark was waving to Tink while exiting to a small dusty path. Suddenly, he recognized something—or someone rather.”_Spidersilk the novel

Mark decided it was time to find out what this place was. Mark pulled out the key and placed it in the dream catcher. - Spidersilk the novel  

In Spidersilk the novel, the many of the main characters know how to lucid dream. In their dreams they control what is going on around them, which helps them defeat some of the intruders. In our own reality, many people believe to take control of their dreams and enjoy the power of the lucid dream every time they sleep. This technique was first discovered by Tibetan monks, but has become a worldwide topic of conversation. To learn more on lucid dream, check out this link:

Damn—Those technology investors. I would be very rich right now if they did not have me one over. Thoughts, lingered in his mind.”_Chris in Spidersilk the novel

In Chapter 1 of Spidersilk the novel, the main character Mark hosts a housewarming party. He invites his friend Tink who oddly states that he will “be there like an apparition.” Although this may simply be the way Tink uses his words, it also shows a bit of foreshadowing. At the party, Mark begins to hear voices from a ghost who soon begins to cause him a lot of problems. Did Tink know something Mark didn’t? Even later in the story this seemingly mysterious character seems to shrug off Mark’s ideas about their employers. Perhaps, Tink was in on it the entire time?

Mark quickly jabbed, "You like the Cyberpad, Mairis?" Mairis smiled warmly... "Absolutely, it sizzles." - Spidersilk the novel   

“Mark had barely begun to move into his newly acquired house, having signed the loan merely a few days ago. The clean sparsely furnished house gave the exciting vibe of future thrills and every detail could nearly tell its own story much like his current life.”_Spidersilk the novel

In Chapter 1 of Spidersilk, the novel, Mark explains to Tink about the repeating patterns in the video game world. Of course, he also implies there are repeating patterns within the world too. For instance, Mark uses services that we do, such as Paypal, Starbucks, movie theaters, espresso, car brands and so on, even though he is from another dimension! Not to mention, his daily life is very similar to a pattern too. He has his espresso and falls asleep and awakens while looking at his ceiling each day. From music to Mother Nature, we can find repeating patterns everywhere. Which patterns did you find in the book?
For some cool repeating patterns in nature, check out this link:


“The clean sparsely furnished house gave the exciting vibe of future thrills and every detail could nearly tell its own story much like his current life. This house is full of possibilities he knew would be awesome.”_Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, spiders play a big role in the main character’s success. Although it is namely their silk that protects Mark, the spider has its own amazing symbolism. Just for starters, spiders symbolize creativity, which seems to suit Mark, a video game designer, perfectly. For more on what the spider represents, check out this link!


The masks that Mark had made with the party imagery on it were selling out fast. - Spidersilk the novel  

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