"Chris reached for his mouth and softly rubbed it while considering his financials. “Darn, if those—damn— technology investors didn’t take so many credits. I mean—the company is doing well right now."_Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, multiverses play a huge role in the story. The main character Mark hails from another dimension as do the intruders that attack Mark’s friends. Theories about multiverse have been around for quite some time, but they are changing often. More recently, a theory was published that there is a parallel universe that runs time backwards. Fascinating? Check out the theory here: http://www.iflscience.com/physics/there-parallel-universe-thats-moving-backwards-time

“A small breeze delivered a wisp of dust and grass in the otherwise clean smelling air. It was almost as if something was responding to his discovery.”- Spidersilk the novel  

Symbolism is a beautiful part of the literary world and Spidersilk the novel has ample examples of it. One such example is the golden moth that is seen by Mark, the main character, when he witnesses a hyena. The moths are seen to symbolize many different things. Some believe that it’s a departed loved one paying a visit. This could exemplify the grandfather Mark mentions in the story. The moth is also known to symbolize other worldliness, secret knowledge and psychic awareness. The color gold also brings many different meanings, such as enlightenment. All of this plays into the symbolism of the hyena and the message that Mark got from the sighting! For more on moth symbolism check out this site:

“Well, I do throw some reasonably sized house parties. Anyone at the party could think of me as a monetary target. Other than that, I don’t know.” - Mark in Spiderilk the novel  

A loud sound interrupted the scene, and Mark opened his eyes with force. There he stared at the usual ceiling while reaching for his tablet with the intention of ending the loud alarm. “Those dreams are awesome..." - Spidersilk the novel  

The silk bed was so soft and comfortable, he thought to himself as he reached his hand under the sheets toward Tia’s back... - Spidersilk the novel  

In Spidersilk the novel, Spiders play a big role in protecting Mark, the main character, and his friends. Spiders play a major role in the mythology of many different cultures. For example, in some variations of the Old Testament, a spider actually protected David from soldiers sent by King Saul to defeat him. The spider created a fresh web over its cave so the soldiers wouldn’t think to look in the cave. This is slightly reminiscent of how the Spiders worked to help out Mark. Of course, there’s a lot of other legends and myths about spiders, so check out this cool link: http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/samhaintraditions/a/Spider-Mythology-And-Folklore.htm  

“Chris recalled his grandfather rambling on about how the first travelers were. While amazing transporters, they initially could only be utilized by the few ‘seeing’ people since they were so dangerous.” -Spidersilk the novel  

Last week we talked a bit about the multi-verse and some of the theories surrounding it. This is only the beginning of what a multi-verse could hold for the universe. Today, some scientist don’t just believe in the muli-verse as a reality, but they also believe that the multi-verses communicate and evolve based on one another. This is a great supporting example of the world we are looking at in Spidersilk the novel!
Check out this link for a little more information:


“This house is full of possibilities he knew would be awesome. Mark whisked down the stairs while the soft velvety black carpet shimmered, satisfying his feet; he made his way to the brand-new kitchen.”- Spidersilk the novel  

In Spidersilk the novel, the multi-verse plays a huge role in the book. Without it, there would be no traveling from dimension to dimension and thus, no real story to tell. In our world, the multi-verse is a theory that many scientist support as real. The entire existence of the universe, according to many scientist, seems to only be plausible due to a multi-verse possibility. This article has some pretty exciting information that may make Spidersilk even more exciting for you!
Check it out here: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/03/140318-multiverse-inflation-big-bang-science-space/

While we all create our own little universe, there are those universes designed by others that we will want to interact with, and those that we do not. Plan wisely, but don’t leave out the thrill of connecting. - Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea from Spidersilk the novel Afterword  

Traveling via wormholes and hyperspace may seem a lifetime away in the opinion of many scientist. However, everyday new things surface that predict we’re closer to this ability than we think. While browsing around I stumbled on an article about a man who believes to have the answer to hyperspace and wormhole travel. Although the patent might not be taken seriously now, it could lead to further developments that would bring humans closer to this exciting way of traveling. With this ability we’d be able to utilize the hyperspace just as Mark does in the novel Spidersilk. Exciting, no? It’s truly fascinating some of the ideas shared, but have a look for yourself.


Ramses was wearing a shimmering black vinyl jacket with neon-green stripes, a black pinstriped pair of shimmering dress pants, and a shiny green rayon top, having a brass zipper partially unzipped. Ramses removed his designer sunglasses and said, “How is it, my friend!- Spidersilk the novel

Hyperspace is pretty much a mystery to us. We don't have the power to travel through it, nor do we know the whats, whens, whys or hows about it. However, it's still one of the most fascinating things to study. In Spidersilk the novel, Mark actually does know how to utilize hyperspace to his advantage. This shows us how much can be accomplished with the knowledge of our outer world. In fact, it is because of hyperspace that other dimensions could possibly exist. There's a lot of amazing things to still learn about hysperspace in regards to human technology, but if you're interested you can still catch up on many theories. This article is a great start to learn more about hyperspace and the theories surrounding it.


Mark quickly selected some of the pieces, which were made of material such as velvet, brass, glass, stone, and even concrete. The prices were very reasonable for such pieces, causing Mark to carefully examine them. However, he found them to be entirely of exceptional quality, and seemingly built to last, possibly longer than a human’s life span.- Spidersilk the novel  

A couple of weeks ago we talked about ghosts possibly being from another dimension. This week I'd like to talk about objects that we perceive as haunted. There are many out there that hold great significance and are famous for the stories and possible hauntings they create. Perhaps, if ghosts are from another dimension then maybe these objects are portals or another form of entry point into our world. In Spidersilk the novel, Mark takes possession of a work of art from a friend who borrows money from him. As soon as he takes on the artwork he begins to hear the “ghosts” that rob and harass his friends. How cool would it be if this piece of work, like the haunted items we have in today's world, opened up the doors to allow the “ghosts” to invade. After all, when Mark returns the item he also defeats the intruders. For more on haunted items in our dimension check out this list:

Mark grabbed a scoop of espresso. The aroma of the espresso mixed with Mark’s natural masculinity and the still-fresh carpet smell, which had been there since he had the carpets cleaned"- Spidersilk the novel

Parallel universes are still a mystery to us, but there's a lot of theories behind those mysteries. In Spidersilk the novel we are exposed to a few different dimensions. This adds an exciting element to the novel that really draws the reader in. One of the most amazing things about this is we see a connection between the dimensions. For instance, in one scene Tia is catching the same Channel 88 news that Mark watches. There's also the mystery of Starbucks, espresso and other pop culture elements being such a hit in Mark's current dimension. This is fascinating because this aspect of culture comes from our own dimension, or do they? Many scientists believe that during the Big Bang two universes collided together that were made up of cycles of evolution. This would explain how two totally different dimensions would maintain some of the same ideas (such as the company Starbucks), food and ways of living. Here's a pretty cool article on some of these theories: http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2010/11/our-universe-was-created-by-a-cyclical-trillion-year-collision-of-two-universes-.html

How’s my friend from across space-time? Did you search the news for activity with blind people? I am thinking of repeating patterns that link to our..uh..interesting intruders.”- Mark in Spidersilk the novel  

From generation to generation many have passed down legends of ghosts. Many people, at some point in their lives, have claimed to see their very own ghosts. Typically, we consider ghosts to be those who have already past and may not be at rest. However, there is another theory. Ghosts might actually be part of an entirely different dimension that is clashing, or just interacting, with our own. This theory can be seen in hit Sci-Fi shows like Dr Who to serious documentaries. In Spidersilk the novel many ghosts from another dimension also surface and Mark is forced to fight them off in order to protect himself and his friends. This is a great connection when it comes to dimensions! What are your thoughts on the ghosts in the book and in general?

He touched up his hair in the mirror, and was generally very detailed. Mark lifted a Mark Izh-79 weapon from under his arm; checked and cleaned it slightly. The teargas bullets were still intact. Suddenly, Mark heard something odd coming from a dark corner of the large bathroom near the walk-in shower area. “Why so silent?” it said”- Spidersilk the novel  

In Spidersilk the novel there are many locations mentioned, which makes it such an intricate story. Some suit our current world, such as Olympia, while others go back to the days of mythology, like Olympus. There are still others that come from locations many have never heard of. One location, Vular, is actually known to be a location from a video game called Mass Effect. This really flows into the idea of Mark creating games via different dimensions! I wonder if the locations are related, or just coincidence?

"Mark quickly generated a sphere of energy then squeezed it that generated waves of thick energy, assaulting the small “ghosts.” The dark “ghosts” suddenly began emitting an extremely high-pitched noise that Mark could barely hear. Off in the distance, glass began cracking and breaking from the noise, presumably the nearby houses."- Spidersilk the novel  

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