Traveling within a wormhole is a pretty hot topic when it comes to scientist that study potential means to space travel. In the novel, Spidersilk, the main character does a lot of traveling through hyperspace, most likely via wormholes. One character in particular, Tina, actually makes if through the wormhole. She finds herself in the dark as she is reprogrammed to live in an entirely different dimension. If you've ever been curious as to what it might look like to travel through a wormhole you may want to check out this cool link:


“It is possible that they are all a front for something else. The history seems very limited like they just showed up and made few things up or something”_Garrick in Spidersilk the novel

Imaginary friends are pretty prominent in most cultures around the world. They're usually more prominent in regards to children, but there have been some adults who reported having imaginary friends. In Spidersilk the novel, Mark actually refers to Garrick as his imaginary friend. It seems that the two managed to befriend one another even though they were from different dimensions. This is actually a common theory around the imaginary friend concept. This definitely adds a very cool element to Spidersilk!  

“Meanwhile, Thoth was investigating newly arrived residents. “It is not all that surprising that 80 percent of newly arriving residents are blind.” Thoth mumbles to himself._Spidersilk the novel

Although Thoth, in Spidersilk the novel, may have been a minor character he definitely played a huge part in Mark's success. There's a lot of exciting details about Thoth that become even more apparent when you look into Egyptian mythology. The Egyptian god Thoth was often seen as an arbitrator which might explain his job as a police office. Thoth also oversaw three major Good vs Evil battles. One of these battles was between Set and Osiris. This might ring a bell since Thoth was investigating the disappearance of Rae Osira (close to Osiris), while led to the capture of Sett who was one of the intruders stealing technology.


See the energies in this domain, this world. They don’t take kindly to your behavior. We can chase you through hyperspace whenever needed.”_Ramses in Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character Mark has a number of powers that help him defeat the ghost intruders. One of his best forms of defense was his ability to travel through hyperspace. This method is used a lot in many pop culture stories, but what is it exactly? Hyperspace tends to be described in many ways and usually goes hand in hand with traveling faster than the speed of light. It is connected to our universe, but is still on an alternative plane. Usually, it takes a good amount of energy or special device to enter the area. I guess it's a good thing Mark loves his espresso! Wormholes are also a major part of hyperspace, but that's a totally different post....
For more on the topic check out this page:

“ Numerous bugs in the navigation and range sonars required backup scanners or someone who could understand what was happening. He laughed at that, how primitive life must have been”_Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character Mark has a lot of friends who work to help him solve the problem of the ghosts. There is one friend, however, that doesn't seem to follow the loyalty that Mark's other friends do. Tink is a colleague of Mark's who seems indifferent to the events that are happening to Mark and his inner circle. While the rest try to find out what's going on, Tink considers Mark's thoughts to be conspiracy theories and he often mocks Mark's intentions of creating new worlds in his video games. With Tink so down on Mark it almost seemed as if he were on the side of the ghosts. With a little further investigation Tink even tells Mark he will attend his party like an apparition, which is a bit coincidental since this is when the ghost first appeared!

Really. The term ‘blood’ was used when people did not know much about the subject. Parents often don’t even have the same blood type! Well anyway, have fun with the relatives.”_Spidersilk

Sometimes, the best way to truly appreciate a book is to look at the finer details. Spidersilk is rich in this aspect. There are many scenes that don't just drop clues, but guide the reader to a better understanding of the world and actions of the characters. In Spidersilk the novel, one of the best background details is the theater. This amazing structure features a web-like design that was designed by Ramses. The cool thing about this is each area of the web probably leads to a different a film. This gets even deeper into the plot when you look at the film names (Mandelbrot Jumper, States of Matter, The Pattern Repeaters, White Plague, Masters of Khi, Acuteness of Vision, Kumonosu), which all lead to a different character or theme in the novel. It's funny how a few sentences can really help direct reader's in the right direction

The clean sparsely furnished house gave the exciting vibe of future thrills and every detail could nearly tell its own story much like his current life. This house is full of possibilities he knew would be awesome.”_Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character Mark becomes a hero as he takes on the intruders. It is Mark's special abilities that really make him seem like a superhero though. For instance, Mark often senses things that are awry and he has a strong connection with the world around him as well as other dimensions we can't normally see. There are actually people who have these special abilities in reality. This ability is called Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) who have Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), which can range from a heightened sense of smell to actual psychic abilities. For more on this topic check out this link:

“Marks heightened senses were tingling with high detail, and his inner-satisfaction was replete.”-Spidersilk the novel  

Ramses, from Spidersilk the novel, is a great character that doesn't just take care of business but keeps a little mystery to his inner workings. Ramses is a wealthy friend of Mark who is willing to do whatever it takes to get what is his back. He even uses scarabs to get what he needs from a hostage. The Ramses in Spidersilk has a great connection to King Ramses of Ancient Egypt. This incredible king lived during a brutal time, but knew how to get what he needed from his enemies. King Ramses even created one of the first peace treaties, which shows off his quick thinking and willingness to do what it takes to get what he needs. For more on King Ramses check out this link:  

All the spiders looked at him and, in a limited sense, followed him around the room, yet they stayed in the room as he exited. Of course, he always knew they were there and was not really surprised.”-Spidersilk the novel  

The novel Spidersilk has numerous characters that help lead the story along. One of those characters is Kratos, the chief defective that John and other officers report in to. Although Kratos is only mentioned slightly in the novel his role is incredibly important as he is in charge of the happenings at the station. This is a great connection to Kratos from Greek mythology who was known for his strength and power. Along with his brothers, this Kratos was an enforcer, which is very similar to the role of a police chief. In modern society there is even a company names Kratos, which is designed to keep home's secure.

For more on the mythological Kratos check out this site:

Standing at the door was a clean-cut six-foot male with sturdy yet neat and warm thick clothing. Mark thought to himself, this guy’s a skeptic, not really a bad thing.”-Spidersilk the novel  

Spidersilk the novel features many hidden details in the décor of many of the areas Mark and his friends interact with. One fine example is the décor in the Cyberpad. Although the cafe features futuristic designs, like those that would seem to belong in Mark's world, there is also undertones of the past or perhaps even a less technological world like that of the intruders. In the Cyberpad there is also a bronze falcon hanging from the ceiling. The falcon is a symbol that is often shown in Spidersilk and usually appears when the group is close to a game changing clue, which makes sense considering much of the talk about the intruders takes place at the Cyberpad. Of course, there are many other décor symbols throughout the book, such as the web like design of the theater and even Mark's backyard.

"The sun, moving ever so slowly, began to spray the den while luminous rays caused the entire room to look like some old museum or cream-colored tomb." -
Spidersilk the novel

Tablets have become a major part of the average household. From keeping in touch with loved ones from around the world to taking some time to relax with a game or book, the tablet has become such an extension that it often hard to think of it advancing even more. Right, now there is already talk about the tablet becoming the next laptop or PC, as these bulky means of computing have become too outdated for our fast paced world. In Spidersilk the novel, Mark may be from a different dimension, but he still utilizes a tablet like device for his computing needs. From checking his bank account to texting and calling friends, his tablet is featured many times throughout the high tech novel. For more information on one amazing development with the tablet check out this link:

What isn’t real according to them? These strangers have an odd way of thinking so it may be anything.” -Garrick in Spidersilk the novel  

In Spidersilk the novel, the spiders play a large role in the progress of the book. Even though they are unseen and unnoticed (much like in real life), the are busy working on webs that protect the main character Mark and his friends. The novel also mentions a Dream Catcher which is utilized as an entry point during one of Mark's dreams. These fantastic devices are known to detour nightmares, and like the beautiful craft of the spider, the dream catcher is created by a webbing technique. There is an old Native American legend that tells of a spider providing the people with instructions on how to create the dream catcher. What is even cooler is the web even goes as far as linking the universe. Many scientist have referred to the universe as being connected by a Cosmic Web. It is truly amazing how these items coincide, especially as each concept plays a part in this incredible novel.
For more on the dream catcher check out this link:

Many of the scenarios in this book come from actual dream and non-dream experiences. Primary inspiration/premise of the story came from real experience and the idea of the multiverse. - Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea  

Luminating the walkway before dawn several soft yellow lights allowed one to observe the fountain in the distance. Ramses’ smiled at the sight of his visitor.”- Spidersilk the Novel  

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