“Suddenly, a loud hissing noise seemed to come from right behind him. Instantly, it seemed to stream to and fro all around him and his car, sort of like the wind. Even more surprising was when it seemed to talk.”_Spidersilk the novel

Ready for the next big news about spider silk? Just when you thought things couldn’t be better in regards to research, you may be pleased to hear of the recent develop made in the UK. That is, spider silk that helps heal skin and delivers antibiotics to the body quickly. Things are looking good for the development of spider silk in 2017.
For more on this news, check out this link:


“Mark escaped to the bathroom for a moment. He touched up his hair in the mirror, and was generally very detailed. Mark lifted a Mark Izh-70 weapon from under his arm; checked and cleaned it slightly. The teargas bullets were still intact.”_Spidersilk the novel

The main character in Spidersilk the novel, Mark, always seems to look incredible with his leather trench coat that almost seems to function like a part of his body. He’s also protected by spider silk, thanks to the spiders from another dimension that have his back. In our own reality, we will soon be combing both the chic style of a great jacket with the protection of spider silk. Japanese companies are working to use all vegan materials to create some of the warmest, water-proof and stylish jackets on the market. Best of all, these jackets won’t set you back as much as their leather or fabric counterparts. It’s just one thing to look forward to in 2017, especially if you’re loving the idea of having spider silk a part of your daily life.
For more information on these vegan coats, check out this link:


“Tia looked him directly in the eyes; her deep-green eyes seemed to flow like currents in the sun. Suddenly, she returned to her breakfast and attempted to fix it. ‘Ugh.”_Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character, Mark, has the amazing ability to travel to parallel universes. Although scientist in our reality have mixed opinions on the idea of a multiverse, some believe that we not only live in a multiverse, but the different parallel universes actually communicate with each other. This can be seen throughout Spidersilk too, as we often find many similarities between Mark’s reality and our own.
For more on this cool theory, check out this link:


“Why do you make those things up in your video games? I mean, in the last video game you designed, a city called Olympia of the Pacific Northwest rather than the real city of Olympus on Lake Victoria. There were some things that were a little similar, yet it was nearly always rainy and it seemed to have too many evergreen trees around, in my opinion. Why lie like that? Why not simply call it Olympus? More like the real thing we live with?”_Tink in Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character Mark fights off intruders while he engages in lucid dreams. In our reality, some companies believe they may be able to use lucid dreaming in order to get more work in during the night. By channeling certain areas of the brain, we may be asked to come up with new ideas as we sleep in the future. Of course, despite the work aspect of this company’s plans, being able to lucid dream would also allow anyone who engages in it to experience more out of life.
For more information on this topic, check out this link:


“The Indian began to speak. ‘The one that seeks you is a dark one. He has issues with your silent sun.”_Spidersilk the novel

Hyperspace is one of the coolest aspects of many science fiction stories, including Spidersilk the novel. However, we have yet to make traveling via hyperspace a reality. Luckily, some scientists are stating that proving string theory, or even the existence of other dimensions would be a huge step in the right direction. In fact, proving, or finding, more than the 4 dimensions we have all come to know, may be the trick that will change the way we get around for good. This development would mean harnessing it to travel and explore a world beyond our own neck of the woods at a speed that we can only see in the movies and our imaginations. 
For more on this theory and some awesome sci-fi videos, check out this link:


“She [Isis] might be here somewhere, according to his senses. Mark knelt down and placed his hand out toward the ground. A large spider emerged from under his shirt sleeve. Mark instructed it, “Go and locate Isis.” Mark made a brief sweep of the area then decided to visit her place instead.”_Spidersilk the novel

Spider silk plays a huge role in protecting the main character, Mark, in Spidersilk the novel. This incredible substance is one of the more durable substances on the planet, so there’s no wonder why spiders were able to ensure Mark was safe as the intruders attacked him and his friends. In our own dimension, spider silk is finally making a name for itself. More recently, ADIDAS announced its new line of sneakers will use this material. This will not only make the future of sneakers more durable, but will also help bring a more eco-friendly design to the shoe industry.
For more on these awesome shoes, check out this link:


“Moments ago, I was in a board meeting. Sales of our explorer class are up 20 percent from last month, and it sounds like we are going to have some new clients! I presented it to Darkwaters, the underwater resource miners, and it was like selling itself. It felt like I was practically stealing the deal. The potential for so much profit was there.”_Jaul from Spidersilk the novel

Wormholes and Black holes have played a huge mystery in the field of science as well as in science fiction, like Spidersilk the novel. Recently, these two phenomenon have had a lot of talk in science communities. More recently, a study was published the theorized that black holes could actually have a back door. Rather, that items being eaten up by a black hole, they would actually be led to a wormhole which could transport the subject in another dimension. This discovery helps with other theories like that of quantum entanglement too.
If you’d like to know more about this recent theory, check out this link:


“Tink’s response took a few moments. ‘I would like to, however, I must linger with blood.’ Mark chuckles at Tinks wording. ‘Did you use a time machine recently? Blood really? In the modern era we utilize DNA to determine TRUE relatives. The gene is far more accurate and correct than the old archaic term ‘blood.”_Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character, Mark, utilizes his third eye to fight off the intruders who threaten himself and his friends. Sci-fi fans can also see the power of the third eye utilized in the recently released Doctor Strange. Many people in our own reality try to open up their third eye like these two heroes, but fail to find the right spiritual and mental practices. Some believe that utilizing yoga can actually help with the chances of opening up the power of the third eye though. This has been done for centuries and has a lot to do with quieting the mind while allowing us to see more of the world around us. For more on this check out this link:

“Quickly locating a mirror she peered into the mirror with awe. Had she somehow found a time machine or grown younger? She looked like she did when she was in her early teenage years. She was still like herself, only ten years younger.”_Spidersilk the novel

If you thought spider silk had already accomplished a whole lot this year, then you’ll be floored to discover its most recent break through. Recently scientists released a study that used spider silk to catch tumors. This could help save numerous lives and change the way our health is managed. Again, like in Spidersilk the novel, this amazing substance is coming to the rescue.
For more on this study, check out this link:


“Instantly, he noticed his room was full of spider webs and spiders in the thousands—spiders as large as a PlayStation. Mark reached to touch one that was sitting on his bed, staring at him. It was energy, all right. He could feel its texture. Immediately, it began acting like a muster sort of dog and rubbing itself against his hand.”_Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character, Mark, often engages in ludic dreaming. This form of dreaming allows you to lift out of your body and experience new things, including, in Mark’s case, dimension travel. For centuries, some people in our own reality have been able to partake in lucid dreaming, while others only dream of wielding the power. Recently though, a company has brought a special machine designed to help you lucid dream. Many other companies are jumping on the band wagon too, so there’s no telling what the future may hold in this regard.
For more information on this development, check out the link:


“It suddenly flew away, and at the same time, an enormous amount of birds in the trees also flew. The sky nearly turned black with birds. I just thought that was so weird. A short while later, the falcon returned to the window!”_Isis in Spidersilk the novel

You may have noticed, in Spidersilk the novel, there was mention of the regal falcon in many aspects of the story. The plot also involves many technological devices. In our own world, falcons and tech are colliding as bird trainers are now using drones to help train their falcons to fly higher than ever before. This use of technology is both exciting and intriguing as it could change the way we train animals in the future. We may even see falcons used for rescues, just as we did in the novel.
For more on this development, check out this link:


“Stepping out of his Acura, Mark walked toward the front door; the multi-pathed walkway alone was as large as a four-lane highway. The walkway was a golden sand-colored concrete with a central bronze-colored marble pyramid. The pyramid had a constant stream of steaming hot water pouring from the top into the surrounding pool of water.”_Spidersilk the novel

In Spidersilk the novel, Mark gets to do a lot of traveling via wormholes, which makes many readers pretty jealous. However, wormhole travel isn’t as farfetched as scientist one believed it to be. Recently a group of scientists theorized that it is possible to travel via wormholes and get through to another universe. The only downside is, we still need to figure out more about black holes in order to consider this form of travel. It’s still exciting though and if you’d like to know more you can read up on the science by clicking on this link:


“Sett immediately reached for the ammunition, but was too late. Several officers surrounded him with weapons drawn. Thoth zapped confidently, ‘Go for it bud. Give us the satisfaction of gunning you down.’_Spidersilk the novel

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