“The sky was clear and blue; the sun was hidden by the nearby buildings yet was obviously colorful. The air was clean, slightly warm, and breezy. Reaching his car, he opened his door. Mark shuddered as, suddenly, that same hissing sound he had heard way back when this began was detected to his right.”_Spidersilk the Novel

In Spidersilk the novel there is an amazing connection between several different dimensions that the characters experience. Although scientist today are still on the fence about multi-dimensions, we can see their beauty just about anywhere we look. The physicist Richard Feynman talked about the entire universe being in a glass of wine. It makes sense when you think about all the elements in the wine, the way it reacts with other principles and so on. Like the characters in Spidersilk, our reality is a combination of dimensions, even if we ignore/can’t see all of them! For more on Feynman’s talk about wine, the universe and everything being connected check out this link:


"I am serious. Some of those guys may be more powerful and ferocious than you expect." - Geb from Spidersilk the novel  

“A little sharking is always fun, not sure I will go as far as becoming a bank. That requires a lot more focus on things I currently employ my bank to do,”- Mark in Spidersilk the novel  

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character Mark fights against intruders who aim to steal from Mark and his friends, while also limiting/eliminating their technology. Although Mark is brilliant when it comes to taking care of business, he’s also protected by spiders in another dimension. These spiders use their spider silk to help create a barrier that is tougher than just about anything we currently use in today’s world. Although there’s talk of using spider silk in the military and medical fields, it is still a little unknown to the greater public. If you’d like to know A LOT more about spider silk, check out this amazing TED Talks video! http://www.ted.com/talks/cheryl_hayashi_the_magnificence_of_spider_silk?language=en

“Ok, get this. Rae, was an independently wealthy technocrat and appeared to have no present financial issues. He has a number of profitable investments primarily in video game developers as well as a few other technology companies. Apparently he has a high level of technical skill by the looks of the resume.”- John in Spidersilk the novel  

Characters are what make stories incredible. Even characters with tiny roles to play in a story can stick with a reader. In Spidersilk the novel, there’s many characters to choose from. Each have their own meanings and provide something to help the story progress. One such character is Eurus who assists John in investigating the missing person’s claim. In Greek mythology, Eurus was actually the god of the East Wind. Often, wind is associated with change which shows a quick change in the case which later lead to solutions. For more on Eurus, check out this link which provides verses from the Odyssey.


“Time to board the shuttle! You’ll like these private shuttles; it is one perk of a VIP agency account.”- Dacian in Spidersilk the novel  

The dimly lit room had a thickness in the atmosphere and reeked of sweat. - Spidersilk the novel  

Throughout history brilliant ideas have been swept under the rug and declared too out of this world to confirm. Out of these ideas some have risen above to revolution the way we live and think, while others slowly fade away. Currently, there is a bid debate over the string and multiverse theories that many scientist have raved about over the years. In Spidersilk the novel, multi-verse are the real deal and offer the story an exciting edge. There are many reasons why scientist believe that the multi-verse may be the real deal, what do you think? Check out this article to find out more about the theories and why they may soon be falsified.


“The decor of the Cyberpad was futuristic as anything, yet Mark could see slight undertones of a time before the computer. Everything had smooth lines and curves, rarely any excessive frill yet with a few appealing patterns. The cybernetic wall art was very interesting and painted directly onto the walls in bright vivid colors mixed with dark ones.”- Spidersilk the novel  

Spidersilk the novel scratches the service of how vast our universe and the multiverse is. The main character, Mark is able to travel through hyperspace and encounters many other dimensions. Although it is easy to see everything is incredibly large, it is hard to fathom just how large it all is. For example, NASA just released the largest photo that has ever been take. The photo is only of a small area though, but as you zoom it you can see there’s so much more that the camera is still missing. It’s pretty incredible, check it out here:


“Channel 88 news was on, displaying an incident at a mall. Everything was very similar yet different, and there was no Channel 88 in his waking version. It was still most certainly Olympus”.- Spidersilk the novel  

Spidersilk the novel takes place in many locations in the multi-verse, which makes it exciting when a location rings a bell. The main character, Mark, references a place called Olympia which is the location in which he chooses to locate his videogames. On the flip side he also talks about a place called Olympus, where he is residing. Both exist in our realm though, which makes it all the more fun to image what Mark and his friend’s version of these places may be. In our thread in the multi-verse, Olympia is where the Olympic Games began and Olympus is a mountain in which the Greek gods existed. Both powerful places that deserve a second look, if not a visit!
For more on Olympus and Olympia check out this page.


Mark opened his eyes immediately to a sunlit room. So these were not the odd “voices” that were trying to steal from him then. He’d have to keep looking. Even though it was merely a dream, Mark thought it had really smooth effects.- Spidersilk the novel  

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character, Mark, experiences a lot when he’s asleep. Although many would disregard his adventures, romance and battles as mere dreams others would consider it travel to another dimension. In fact, even in our reality, people sometimes consider their dreams to be real. Occasionally they’ll predict something that happens, or a dream will lead them to take on a new challenge or advise them to let something go. This certainly suggests that when we sleep we’re able to visit a new dimension, even if we don’t always remember it. For more information on this concept of dreams and dimensions check out this link: http://www.infinite-manifesting.org/Dreams.html

“Mark swiftly focused his eyes, which became so hot that they emitted a thick luminous forceful wave. The creature, suddenly exposed by the light, was caught off guard. It hesitated out of shock and stumbled from the wave, grasping at where it was hit.”- Spidersilk the novel  

"Your auspicious event flows like a roaring flame yet runs like a well oiled machine!" - Rae Osira in Spidersilk the novel  

In today’s society we thrive on coffee. From a morning brew to the treasured specialty cup, most people find a satisfaction in the taste and effect of a cup of coffee. Although Spidersilk the novel takes place in another dimension, coffee is still a major part of the book. From Mark’s love of espresso to the officer’s secretary ensuring there’s a cup of Starbucks on his desk, the theme of coffee is ever important. If you’re interested in learning a bit about coffee culture check out this Smithsonian link which will start you out with the coffee of yesterday and guide you into today’s coffee trends.


“Ah, Olympia? Not Olympus? It is good to show creative flare. As I said, it should be a blast.” Mark smiled at small comment on the name of the place while looking Tink directly in the eye. “Well nearly all natural things in this universe are made of repeating patterns. They repeat yet slightly different. Think about it, its nature.”- Spidersilk the novel  

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character Mark helps his friend fight off intruders from another dimension. These two dimensions are the more obvious in the book, but the author also adds in more. From the videogame world that sounds incredibly close to ours (Olympia, Washington and so on), to the dream realm, spider realm and other dimension Mark keys into, it’s enough to leave you baffled and feeling incredibly small. Such a vast amount of dimensions are only the beginning though. Many scientist believe there are infinite parallel universes connected to ours. Imagine, billions of “you” leading similar but different lives. Check out this video for more:


"...Actually, this place is very quiet for the sheer quantity of people." - Isis in Spidersilk the novel  

"Well, when I repay you in full, I want it back looking excellent as ever." - Josh in Spidersilk  

"We're going to make the Qi of this place pulsate!"- Tina in the novel Spidersilk  

“You and your conspiracy theory. Who really cares if there are blind people working here? Wake up and smell the coffee, bud.”- Tink in Spidersilk the novel  

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